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Ian D. Richardson

Ian Richardson has always loved writing. He was born in the Australian town of Wonthaggi, Victoria, where his father, John, trained as a printer and journalist on a local weekly newspaper, the Wonthaggi Sentinel. Then, as he came of school age, his parents moved to north-central Victoria - first to edit the St Arnaud Mercury, then to neighbouring Charlton to buy and edit the Charlton Tribune.

Ian joined the Tribune aged 16, not long before his father died at a young age from cancer. After his mother, Rena, re-married and sold the business, he switched to broadcast journalism, initially with Radio 3BO in Bendigo (where he met his wife Rosemary), then with Radio Melbourne 3AW.

In 1968, Ian and Rosemary travelled to London where Ian spent more than 25 years with the BBC World Service. In his latter years with the corporation, he was in charge of BBC World Service reporters and correspondents, then became a senior editor of BBC World News television, and finally was the founding editor of BBC Arabic Television.

Ian was born to be curious. His mother reported that on his first day at school in St Arnaud he wandered out of his classroom and into the headmaster's office. When asked why he was there, he told the head: "Oh, I've just come to see what you do". Curiosity, combined with his love of writing, was what drove him to become a journalist.

Both Ian and Rosemary are keenly interested in their respective family histories in the United Kingdom and Australia, and it was one of their discoveries that led Ian to the story of God's Triangle.

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