God's Triangle, written with compassion and insight by an atheist, invites the reader to see both sides of what is still today dividing communities world-wide. Ian Richardson's preface to his book immediately grabbed my attention. He spoke of his religious upbringing and the fact that his mother didn't want him to write the story of his aunt. When the story was written, his mother changed her mind. Why? Ian's sensitivity to the subject matter was paramount. He didn't condemn the people. He condemned ignorance and the damage done by it. People should not be judged by labels, be they homosexual, bipolar, Christian, Atheist, Muslim etc, but by their deeds. Had Ian not uncovered the real story, Aunt Florrie's name would still be blackened by scandal and madness. May she rest in peace and her story show others that prejudice and ignorance are the true scandals of this world, regardless of our beliefs or genetics. May there be more journalists of Ian's calibre, in this world. Bravo! Virginia Ballhaus, Herberton, Queensland.

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God's Triangle God's Triangle